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We look forward to welcoming you back to the Summerland General Store.
We serve a quick breaky sandwich, some yummy baked goods, lunch specials, ice cream and pizza by the slice as well as for take out. 
For all your convenience needs we serve mid grade ethanol free Gas, Propane Exchange and Water in multiple sizes. 
We offer a wide range of services including Boat Maintenance & Boat Storage so give us a call or stop in on your way by. 
Follow us on Facebook or Instagram at #summerlandgeneralstore for up to date local information & event news. 
We will also be offering Painting & Yoga classes this Summer, to name a few. 
– Gen & Andrew Dickson

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-Day time burning is prohibited (2 hrs following sunrise to 2 hrs before sunset)

-Fires can only be a maximum of 2 metres in diameter and 2 metres in height

-Fires are prohibited during declared fire bans

-Only wood, cloth and paper products may be burned

-Fires must be at least 15 metres from any structure or vehicle, 5 metres of any forest and 2 metres

of any flammable material

-Fires must be attended at all times with supply of water ready to control fire

Link to the Town’s Burning Control By-law:

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